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Dr. Baishali A Jana

Date of Joining :  08/02/2022

Current Project : Fabrication of microneedles and novel drug delivery system for the management of diabetes.

Dr. Baishali Jana has joined the NanoBioslab as an Institute Post Doctoral Fellow (IPDF). Her area of research involves mainly the fabrication of microneedles and novel drug delivery systems for the management of diabetes. She has been working on the fabrication of various polymeric microneedle patches using PDMS molds and also developed an enzyme-based nanoparticle mainly a closed-loop model for insulin delivery using hollow microneedles.

Background : ​​

Background: Dr. Baishali Jana had received her PhD in 2021 from Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research Mysuru on the project entitled “Microneedle – A closed loop transdermal drug delivery system for the management of Diabetes” as a Senior Research Fellow from Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR), New- Delhi. She did her Bachelors and Masters in microbiology from University of
Mumbai in 2006 and 2011. She has more than five years of Pharmaceutical Industrial Experience from various Pharmaceutical Companies in the area of QC, QA and R&D. She has also received several awards at National and International conferences for her PhD work. She has published around 8 papers, one book chapter and filed one patent.

Recent Papers:

  • Baishali Jana, Ashish Wadhwani. Tiny Needles Offers A Potential For Long Lasting Treatment For Retinal Disease. Asian J. Pharm. 2018: 12(4); 1-4. (Impact F: 0.5)

  • Baishali Jana, Ashish Wadhwani. Microneedle - Future Prospect for efficient drug delivery in Future Diabetes Management - A Review. Indian J Pharmacol. 2019: 51(1); 1-7. (Impact F: 1.2)

  •  Baishali Alok Jana, Pavan Kumar Chintamaneni, Praveen Thaggikuppe Krishnamurthy, Ashish Wadhwani, Suresh Kumar Mohankumar. Cytosolic lipid excess-induced mitochondrial dysfunction is the cause or effect of high fat diet- induced insulin resistance: A molecular insight. Mol Bio Rep.2019: 46(1); 957-963. (Impact F: 2.316)

  • B Jana, D. A. Wadhwani. Microneedle- A Closed loop hypoxia sensitive intradermal insulin delivery system for the management of diabetes. Drug Technologies & Therapeutics. 2018: 20; 1. (Impact F: 6.118)

  • Baishali A Jana, Ujwala Shinde, Ashish Wadhwani. Preparation of enzyme based polymeric biomimetic nanoparticle for the controlled release of insulin. Sensing and Biosensing  Research, Elsevier. 2020: 28; 100342. (Q1 Scopus journal)

  • Baishali A Jana, Ujwala Shinde, Ashish Wadhwani. “Synthetic enzyme-based nanoparticles act as smart catalyst for glucose responsive release of insulin”- Journal of Biotechnology, Elsevier. 2020: 324: 1-6. (Impact F: 3.307)

  • Baishali A Jana, Ashish Wadhwani. “Advanced ocular drug delivery approaches using tiny needles- A potential long lasting treatment for eye disease”- Trends in Pharmaceutical Research and development, Book chapter: Ref no: 2020/BP/4940D.

  •  Article Got Published In Leading Pharmaceutical Magazine, Pharma Focus Asia Blockchain Technologies& March 2019, Issue No. 34, Pg No 38-42; on the Topic & Microneedle Array Patches- A Way Forward For The Management Of Diabetes.

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