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Mukesh Kumar Kumawat

Area of Research : Carbon and other 2D nanomaterials synthesis and their biomedical applications such as bioimaging, biosensing, wound healing, and cancer theranostics.

Date of Joining :  15 / 07 / 2011

Mukesh is working as a research associate (RA) in NanoBios Lab, and recently submitted his PhD thesis. He joined the NanoBios lab in 2011 to pursue his MTech Project. Later, he converted his MTech into MTech-PhD dual degree program and continued working in NanoBios Lab to finish his PhD dissertation work (2012 onwards).

Before joining IIT Bombay as a MTech student, he pursued MSc in chemistry from University of Rajasthan. He did B.Sc. from RL Saharia Govt College Kaladera which is affiliated to University of Rajasthan.

Apart from research, Mukesh is passionate about painting, running, swimming, music and playing table-tennis and cricket. He loves painting, and works with different mediums such as charcoal, graphite, acrylic, oil and digital painting.

Background : MSc. Currently pursuing M.Tech.-Ph.D. dual degree program.

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