Dr. Arnab Ghosh

Area of Research : Remote Patient Monitoring System, AI in healthcare, Nanomedicine, Automated Drug Delivery System, Protective Equipment & Point-of-Care Medical Diagnostic Aids

Surg Cdr (Dr) Arnab Ghosh is a Medical Specialist in Indian Navy and a PhD Scholar in Biomedical Engineering in BSBE Department under the guidance of Prof Rohit Srivastava. He is working on several diverse projects in NanoBios Lab especially in the Remote Healthcare Monitoring aids. He has a different and unorthodox view about the Healthcare of this country. He believes that the true and needful innovations in health sectors should come from the ground level. He wants to bridge the gap between the Medical and Engineering fields of this country. Relying on his clinical acumen he identified several problem areas in the clinical fields and prototyped many. WIth an incredible number of applied IPR (21 in number so far) he is working on several projects ranging from Personal Protective Equipment, Sterilization system, Spectral Analyser, High Altitude Warfare Clothings, Mucogel, Chemotherapy related protective equipment, Digital health aids and many more. The goal of this physician scientist is to help Indian Navy and the Armed Forces Build its own innovation ecosystem for helping the country to achieve self-sustainability in the Healthcare sector. His innovation The NavRakshak PPE has been fully commercialised and sold about lakhs of copies during Covid Pandemic and also created 1200 jobs. This is the first ever Trademarked Product invented by a Uniformed Person (and not from any R&D wing) of the Indian Armed Forces.

Background : MBBS: Medical College Kolkata

MD (Medicine): Armed Forces Medical College, Pune,

DNB (Medicine)

MNAMS (Medicine)

Date of Joining : July 2020