• TB Nanodots Wins GCE Round 10

    "TB Nanodots" Wins Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) Round 10 Supported by "BIll & Melinda Gates Foundation"

  • Team SmartSense

    Team SmartSense | Third Place Winner in "Healthcare Innovation World Cup 2013"
    SmartSense's creation is a multi-analyte sensing device for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). With a single prick, the device can sense all the metabolites necessary for management of the condition.

  • Team Drishti

    Team Drishti | Winners of "Samsung Innovation Awards 2012".

  • MagPoly nanocomposites

    SEM showing interaction of MagPoly nanocomposites with prostate cancer cells. Uptake behavior of free (A) and MagPoly encapsulated (B) DOX in drug resistant prostate cancer cells

  • Distribution of iron oxide nanoparticles

    MagPoly nanocomposites with uniform and peripheral distribution of iron oxide nanoparticles

  • Temperature profile

    Concentration dependant temperature profile of magnetic polymeric nanocomposites under an AC magnetic field

  • Metal nanoparticles

    TEM, HR-TEM, SAED pattern and SEM images of metal nanoparticles

  • Nanocomposites

    Nanocomposites for orthopedic applications

  • Hollow Si Microneedles

    SEM images of Hollow Silicon Cylindrical Microneedles Array

Welcome to NanoBios Lab, IIT Bombay

The NanoBios Lab is an integral part of the Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering at IIT Bombay.

Our research is focused on three main areas, Sensors & Devices, Cancer and Nanoenabled Orthopedic applications.
We explore the material properties, characterizing nanostructured materials to study and apply the use of nanotechnology to advance in the healthcare areas. Examples include Development of nanostructured dye encapsulated polymer sensor for ions detection, Photothermal therapy for cancer using gold nanostructures, Development of diagnostic technique for orthopedic infections.
Our work is interdisciplinary in nature and combines biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, and materials science.

Ongoing Projects
Asifkhan Shanavas

Magnetic Polymeric Nanocomposites for Chemohyperthermia Treatment of Cancer info

Rashmi Chaudhari

Multi-analyte Biosensors info

Roshan Lal Makkar

Device for Sensing Analytes using Quantum Dots info

Cancer Biology

Exploring innovative avenues in early diagnosis & treatment of cancer


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Drug Delivery

Improving drug efficacy by targeted & sustained release


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Device Research

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Reach Us

Dr. Rohit Srivastava
Associate Professor
NanoBios Lab, Room-505, 5th Floor, New Building
Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering
IIT Bombay, Powai
Mumbai 400076
Phone: 022-25767746 / 71
E-mail: rsrivasta[at]iitb.ac.in

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