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Lisha Awasthi

Area of Research : Noninvasive technologies for women reproductive healthcare.

Date of Joining :  July 2021

Lisha is a research scholar jointly supervised by Prof. Rohit Srivastava (BSBE, IIT Bombay) and Prof. Jayesh Bellare (Chemical, IIT Bombay). Her research interests include developing novel regional biomaterial-based strategies for treatment of Endometriosis. Before joining as a PhD in the Nanobios lab, Lisha enrolled in the Masters in Biotechnology program of IIT Bombay after securing AIR 9 in the JAM exam.  Her keen interest in contributing towards women's reproductive healthcare introduced her to the topic. She is committed to making a contribution to the betterment of women's health and empowerment through her research work.

Background : M.Sc. Biotechnology, IIT Bombay; B.Sc. Botany, University of Delhi (Ramjas College).

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