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Nishant Kumar Jain

Area of Research : Drug Delivery, Cancer Nanomedicine, Drug Conjugates, Photothermal Therapy

Date of Joining :  15 / 07 / 2013

He is working in the area of drug delivery developing different polymeric and lipidic nanocarrier systems for effective targeted cancer therapy. His area of research also includes developing gold based nanocarriers for photothermal cancer therapy. The aim of his research work is mainly to make the treatment of cancer affordable with minimal side effects. He has completed his bachelors in pharmacy from shri Vishnu College of pharmacy in 2010. He has qualified GPAT, NIPER-JEE (AIR-79), MANIPAL-OET (AIR-55) as well as BITS. He opted for MS pharm in Pharmaceutics branch in NIPER-Hyderabad. During his Postgraduate studies, he got the glimpse of research work going on in the field of Nanotechnology. The learning experience he obtained during masters in “NIPER- Hyderabad” and project work in “IICT-Hyderabad” which was “learning by doing” helped him develop the skills which he considers will be very much useful for his future. He has been an ardent admirer of the educational system in IITs and always dreaming of being a part of it. He got admission into Ph.D Program (Biomedical Engineering) in I.I.T Bombay through DST-INSPIRE Fellowship in 2013. He feels that NANOBIOS lab provides research friendly environment with people coming from multiple backgrounds aiding in interdisciplinary research, which ultimately helps everyone to improve their knowledge base. Apart from doing research, he has also been actively taking part in many competitions and won few accolades to his credit. His team won 3rd Prize in SAMSUNG INNOVATION AWARD 2016 Competition held in Mumbai as well as 3rd Prize in ABLE BEST INDIA-2014 Competition held in Bangalore. He has also won the BEST POSTER AWARD at 3rd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Nanomedicine, NANOBIOTECK-2018 held at AIIMS, Delhi. He is also one among the Top 50 Students from India selected by Novartis for Biocamp-2014.

Background : M.S Pharm in Pharmaceutics (NIPER-Hyd)

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